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mt tamborine - australia 2008skyhouse

Built on a very steep site with views over 100km's of Pacific coastline, this house has been designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Five skillion roofs with north facing clerestories are arranged to allow solar passive winter heating of all rooms while maximising the expansive views to the east. Fifty millimeter thick travetine stone floor paving provides an internal heat sink, storing the warmth collected from the winter sun during the day to release into the interiors at night.

Overhangs provide protection during the summer months with high mounted louvre bays also allowing the control of ventilation in all weather conditions. Prefabricated and prefinished metal and polystyrene sandwich panels are bolted to the lightweight structural steel skeleton to provide highly insulated and easily installed floors and roofs. This lightweight construction also minimises complex foundations on the difficult site.

Timber joinery with low-emissive glass on the north east, fully opens to the view while providing a 30% greater insulation than similar single glazing. Multi-cell poly carbonate sheeting to the clestories and raked infills is also used to provide natural light and winter sun with a high level of insulation. Solar hotwater, a 1kw solar array, gas appliances, and concealed low energy lighting to all areas have also been installed to minimise long term power consumption.

The 33000 litre water tank provides structural support for the large cantilevered outdoor living area above. A 5000 litre header tank at the rear of the steep site provides a gravity fed water supply. Wastewater is treated and dispersed onsite by a biolytic worm filter.

Finishes are where possible as manufactured, natural or minimally treated. The rear courtyard and terraced yard have been planted as a kitchen and fruit garden for easy practical access from the house.