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Melbourne - Australia 2007i saw an angel in the marble and i carved to set him free

Project in collaboration with Donna Marcus

In the tradition of improvised domestic garden ornamentation and 'big' tourist attractions, this project involved the scale up of the once common car tyre swan to a 3 tonne used truck tyre. Two opposing 40 tonne mining trucks were used to turn the tyre inside out, necessary to achieve the transmogrification from beast to beauty.

... and the old swans bowed before him. The young swan remembered how he had been teased because he was ugly and now he heard everyone say that he was the most beautiful of all beautiful birds. The flowers bent down low to the water and the sun shone warmly and brightly. He shook his feathers, stretched his long slender neck and said 'how happy I am and I never knew there could be so much happiness in all the world when I was the ugly duckling'...

Hans Christian Andersen - The Ugly Duckling