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Brisbane - Australia 2002reeve street house

The small 200m2 site for this house resulted from the subdivision of a restored traditional timber house on an established Brisbane suburban lot.

The maximum allowable building footprint of 100m2 is fully utilized as an indoor/outdoor living space on the upper level with bedrooms, bathrooms and a carport/entry on the ground level. A semi-basement fourth bedroom below connects to all levels through the open timber and mesh central staircase.

The main structure of the house is constructed with externally exposed hardwood timber framing and wall claddings in the traditional style of many Queensland homes. Insulated internal linings are installed behind the cladding.

The curved steel parasol roof is suspended above this timber structure on 6 columns that gather into V columns on the front and rear facades to allow access to the carport.

Rainwater gutters are fitted behind curved baffles at the top of the timber structure independent of the roof. Frameless glass infills between, allow a 360 ° view of the sky and cascading rain water.

Adjustable and screened louver banks between the external framing provide cross ventilation to all spaces.