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Mt Tamborine - Australia 2001the fridge

Sited on an 800m2 town lot, these two 100m2 attached houses are constructed using insulated sandwich panels for the walls, roofs and floors. The 1200mm wide interlocking panels have a polystyrene structural core and colourbond metal skins. Manufactured to any transportable length, they are used extensively in the construction of cool rooms and other industrial structures because of their strength, low maintenance and high insulation value.

The externally expressed structural steel portal frames are connected to the internally bolted panels by 100mm PVC spacers with neoprene gaskets. This configuration allowed the walls and roof panels to be installed from the inside floor deck without the need for cranes or extensive exterior scaffolding.

Fixed glazing in the top area of each portal section allows both distant views with privacy, and the transparent flow of interior space. Ventilation is provided by continuous adjustable vents along the full length of the building at floor and ceiling level allowing cooler air to be drawn through the interiors from the densely landscaped under croft and expelled at roof level.

The floors are paved with naturally finished cement sheeting, bonded to the 200mm structural floor panels that span between portals. Internal walls and soffits are colourbond and no site applied paint finishes were used anywhere in the project.